We’re at it again.

This time I started on the outside and it did something to the inside.
I cleaned the pantry. Yep, big deal. But it was. I looked at every jar, every can, every bag and box.
Expired items got the boot. Some goodies like crushed pineapple, brownie mix and organic chick peas went to the food pantry. Some stuff just went. Opened egg noodles, garbage. Opened graham crackers, why is it they never stay fresh? Garbage.

I wiped and swept and stood back and admired. All the labels facing the same way. A place for everything and everything in its place. I felt good, proud. Go me!

An outside transformation that made an inside difference. It reminded me of some other junk…

Our hearts and minds get cluttered with expired stuff like things that once were true about us but no longer are. Our hearts and minds have lots of goodies we need to share, things like encouragement, love, even a smile. Finally in the deepest, darkest corner is the garbage that needs to GO, the lies, the hurtful things, the unforgiveness. Time to part with your garbage.

Life on Purpose looks like celebrating the big and the little!
Celebrating when we clean up the pantry and celebrating when we clean up our hearts.

I know I’m not alone.
Is it your pantry or you mind that needs de-cluttering?
Is it the hall closet or your heart?

Tell us! We want to cheer you on in the big and the little – Go YOU!
Take some time today to Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act and get to some transforming.
You are worth it, you deserve it. You are never alone♥

Pure Grace, where taking the garbage out gets easier, one faithful step at a time.

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