From Fearful to Fearless Budgeting – Financially Fit workshop attendee:

  • Thank you for offering the budget workshop! While I already knew the importance of having a budget, it pushed us to make that change and put it into place! My kids are already understanding the importance of spending and SAVING money differently in order to have the future that we want. – Jen M. Delavan, WI

Life on Purpose attendees:

  • Every day we have challenges and obstacles, and it can be easy to concentrate our attention on those obstacles rather than turn our eyes to the opportunities that those obstacles present. They say it takes a lot to train your mind to switch from negative thinking to positive thinking. They say you need to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Irina and Mindi do exactly those things. Those ladies inspire people and encourage everyone to switch to positive thinking. I love reading their encouraging quotes in the morning that give me a boost to start my day right! Thank you, ladies, for bringing out the best in people! – Irina B., Madison, WI
  • Thank you Irina and Mindi. I need your encouragement and inspiration in my life. – Julie B., Delavan, WI
  • Thank you, your class changed me. You both have touched my soul. I find myself really grateful for what I have and making more time for the people in my life, even more than before. – Susann H., Delavan, WI
  • Beautiful messages. So many a-ha moments! Thanks ladies, you truly are being used by God and blessing others. – Sonia M., Atwater, CA
  • Spoke very clearly to my life and how I can continue to improve me. And do so with courage! – Julie L., Edgerton, WI
  • I really needed to hear what was said at the Life on Purpose class. I have spent the last couple of years not thinking I was good enough. You really say it how it is and I need that. – Julia R., Delavan, WI

Women felt empowered, guided and equipped.

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