Welcome friend! We are Irina and Mindi, Co-Founders of Pure Grace. Our mission, passion and vital need is to equip and empower women like you to live purposeful lives. We come to you with a combined 37 years of teaching and speaking as well as guiding others to become more joyful, faithful, generous people and live balanced lives.

We are business partners, running buddies, and best friends, who care for each other’s families with thought and regard like they are our own, but most importantly, we are beloved children of God.

Irina Ertl coach, mentor, teacher, speaker, writerIrina, originally from Russia, met her husband, Brent, on e-Harmony. A truly successful match has become their very own happily ever after.

Together, they are raising their 2 young sons: Eddie and Nick. These boys fill their lives with love and laughter, reminding them to see the world through a child’s eyes and to appreciate how valuable time with one another is. The boys help keep it real, throwing unexpected challenges, tantrums and the like at Mom and Dad who really focus on keeping their cool and rolling with the punches. 

Independent, determined, stubborn and a lover of freedom and tranquility. Finds beauty in simple things & is fascinated by the stories of older generations.

Perspective and out of the-box thinking are what Irina strives for when she is confronted with various life situations. Her husband is her rock and provides remarkable support. He is an engineer through and through and has opened up a whole new world, formerly mysterious to Irina, and has awakened a curiosity about numbers like in accounting, statistics and finance. Who knew she was such a numbers geek!

Sports have played a very big part in her life. As a young gymnast she was taught to stay focused, listen and respect her elders, trust those who cover your back, be flexible (no pun intended) and always be joyful and thankful. She has fallen hard numerous times from the balance beam of her life. Luckily, she has God and those who are like family to help and give support.  

She thrives on experiences, travel, and comradery. Irina is a community mobilizer. She organized and ran multi-cultural, inter-generational events throughout the state of Wisconsin during her nine years at the State Refugee Resettlement Office at the Department of Children and Families in Madison, WI.

Irina strongly believes her calling is to lead, teach and inspire those around her to achieve their dreams, to complete their bucket list. You’ll find her constantly asking, “Why wait? What is stopping you right now? How can I help?”

Her favorite things in the kitchen are her tea kettle (because you cannot have enough tea), the spice rack (there are so many ways to make a dish your own! A recipe is just guidance), any big spoon to scoop sour cream or honey straight out of the jar, a French press (she loves her coffee bold and aromatic) and dancing shoes, because everyone should dance in their kitchen, no matter how small.

Mindi Huebner coach, mentor, teacher, speaker, writer

Mindi, a Southern California native, is married to her husband of 28 years, Matt. They have two adult daughters, Meredith and Tori.

Meredith was married in the summer of 2016 to her best friend, also named Matt, in her parents backyard. Together they have Murphy, their furry canine baby.

Tori, the baby, graduated in July 2017 from Cosmetology school on the West Coast and has developed a deep love affair with the beach. The salon where she changes the world one gorgeous client at a time is located right on the harbor. She gets her coastal love from her Momma.

Being parents to adult children is fabulous. Every season of parenting brings new challenges and wonderful memories.
Mindi’s advice: Embrace it all friends.

Mindi spent most of the girls’ life in direct sales. She led a large, successful team. Trained locally, regionally and nationally for her company and was the face and voice of their online training classes. She truly enjoyed entertaining and educating her audiences.
An amazing opportunity to dream and stretch presented itself to Mindi when after 17 plus years in sales for the same company, her division closed. God’s timing is always perfect and this time was no different. Her business partnership with Irina and Pure Grace were born.

She has a very full life and likes it that way. Mindi is a certified Health and Life coach – helping busy women take a breath, reduce stress and increase energy so they can feel and look fabulous body, mind and soul . She is ordained to perform weddings and baptisms, has been writing for many, many years and loves to read. Love Does by Bob Goff and The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman are total game changers says Mindi. Read them! Check out all her fave books here♥

If you asked her to describe herself in just a few words they would be: driven, forgiven and kind. She lives by grace and strives to be an authentic example of how to live Life on Purpose, all for the glory of God. She fails a lot BUT that’s why it’s so real. Her flaws include but are not limited to obsessing over her eyebrows, wishing she was a better cook and liking junk food way too much. Her husband keeps her on her toes, lets her practice patience and forgiveness continually and is an amazing father and friend. One of her best qualities is her ability to seek the silver lining. She is a scandalous hoper and lover of God.

To say Mindi is an avid pray-er would be an understatement. She is always asking people how she can pray for them. Prayer is a gift she never takes for granted. Having a direct line to God is indescribable. Prayer is seriously scandalous business♥

Together we make a pretty awesome Pure Grace team, we promise!

Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act in whatever you do and purpose will follow!

Love, Mindi & Irina
Pure Grace

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