♪Well I gotta have grace, I gotta have grace♪ (Possibly to the tune of Gotta have faith by George Michael…too much?) You’ll need it, people disappoint, people like you and me and people can choose how they react to it.

I’m having a grand old time going through the Back Row Faith archives this summer. Grace and transformation are always timely – Enjoy!

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Lately I have been disappointing some folks, more than some.
Hard to believe – I know!

Funny thing is their disappointment had almost nothing to do with me and everything to do with them.  If you expect something from someone BUT you don’t tell them, you really don’t have any business being disappointed in them. Ouch – I’m calling it like it is today! Life on Purpose looks like real talk.

Why do we get disappointed? Why do we put so much on others? And why do we let others directly affect our happiness, joy, satisfaction?

Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Has anyone been disappointing you recently?  Or Ever?
If I’m truly honest about it I could get a tiny bit disappointed every day. In myself and in others. That sounds really bad but it’s because I have high (okay, very high) expectations and 99% of the time I think the best of people.  I give them the benefit of the doubt and since people are just people and since people are broken they will disappoint you. I acknowledge this and move on in a matter of moments most times.

There are some things that will disappoint me every time, but the number one thing is NOT doing what you say you will.  I’m sure everyone can relate to this – we have all been on both sides of this coin.

I don’t really like to depend on others or to ask for help, ever.  It’s an issue – I’m working on it, daily.  It’s not because I think I can do everything better (some things yes, but not everything).  It is more about knowing that I WILL DO IT, IT WILL GET DONE – PERIOD. I know some of you are saying mmmhhhmm, that’s me.

There is a precarious balance between doing everything myself, totally depending on others and hanging out somewhere in the middle.

Why do we give other people so much power? Why do we say they disappoint us when it is our actions we can ALWAYS control? 

Think about a coach.  He can’t want it for you or do it for you.  Would you expect him to?
But when the team is losing or something is not working who usually gets the blame? The Coach.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). – John 10:10 AMPC

Guys, it is you and Jesus. Jesus and you.  He is the ONE person you can always depend on and he will never disappoint you.

Live life on purpose.

Lets do everything we do to the glory of God. (I know, I know that is setting the bar high – I’m a total type A, deal with it).

A couple times in the past few weeks I found myself extremely disappointed in the way other folks handled situations.  In each case, I was angry/disappointed. Then just disappointed, then I moved into forgiveness.  Most times I move on in a matter of moments. Even though I forgave in each situation, I will do my best to not put myself in the same situation again, trying to avoiding future disappointment – this is not always possible, sometimes you will be in exactly the same situation again. In these particular cases, I can control my future interactions, either way – I refuse to stay upset.  I will walk in love.  I want to love these people, these broken people.  But I won’t let the way they handle or mishandle their “business”  impact me again by letting steal my joy.

Let us not forget we could easily be the one doing all the disappointing.  We could be the one pissing everybody off. Even though some people will do things that disappoint, lots of people will amaze you, if you let them.

Some will amaze you with their capacity to LOVE or FORGIVE or GIVE GRACE.  Some will amaze you with their selfless actions, their super human patience, their sunny outlook, their oh-so-scandalous sense of humor. 

Thank you God for filling my life with good folks.  Folks who will help out, share a kind word, pray for you, love you and at some point probably disappoint. Yep, there it is.  The best people (you and me) trip, fail, disappoint.

Just like we disappoint God – every time we: respond in anger, hold on to past hurts, gossip, judge, choose strife over peace, justify our bad actions, words or thoughts…

Let’s give ourselves and everyone else a break.

Don’t put so much on someone else that your day is ruined when they blow it.  

You have a choice.   
What will it be? 
Disappointment?  PSM (Poor Sorry Me)?

Or will you choose the life Jesus has for you? “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” aka Life on Purpose!

It is up to you but KNOW this, when you choose disappointment you are choosing. 
Instead choose Jesus. He came so you could live in abundant LOVE!

Your “hope to not disappoint” 1,2,3 and 4:
1. Disappointment will come.
2. Tell it to go away.
3. Choose an overflowing, to the full, amazing life!
4. Repeat.

Mindi and Irina
Life on Purpose Coaches
Health and Wellness and a whole lotta Jesus

ICYMI – More Hope, More Love

Mindi Huebner is Co-Founder of Pure Grace, a professional conversationalist and crazy forgiver. Mindi is scandalously obsessed with leaving people and things better than she found them. If you think LOVE is always the answer, join her as she writes about her road trips with God at Back Row Faith – The Pure Grace Blog. If you don’t think love is always the answer, join her anyway. Go.Be.Love

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