I do my best to surround myself with a wide variety of people, people who make me think about alternative view points, people who challenge me look at myself a little more closely and especially people who make me laugh.
The friend who posted this on FaceBook recently does all of the above, on a regular basis.
My husband and I just dined at Culver’s and were seated where we could watch the parade of shame going through the drive-thru. An informal observational survey yielded the following results: 100% of adults are either looking at or talking into cell phones, even if there were several adults in one car, and 100% of children were being completely and utterly ignored.
My first thought was “OUCH”.
Then I got panicky, you see I was one of the cars in said drive- thru. Plus my youngest daughter was with me. I started thinking…was I on my phone? Was I a participant in the parade of shame?  It REALLY bothered me, but why?
Someone else’s perception of me should not make or break my day. That was not it. 
The fact was I was feeling guilty. Whether I was ignoring my child in the drive-thru at that moment or not I have been guilty of choosing my phone over humans – ugh. 
Real talk now.
I make bad choices sometimes.  I hurt people with those choices.  Sometimes I say unkind things and sometimes it’s even on purpose.  When I blow it, I own it and then I move on. I don’t sit in a puddle of IT.
I mostly do better the next time around.
Ain’t none of us perfect  ‘cept  Jesus.
So what’s your –The flavor of the day is– 1,2,3?
#1 Choose humans over technology
#2 Do #1 as much as possible
#3 Perfection was attained through the cross – Grace is the exponential benefit for you and for me and for all

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