marvelous monday rewind, pure grace, mindi, irina, speak life, hope, faith, listen“If you have made your point sometimes you just need to stop talking”
Much love to TobyMac for posting this #speaklife quote and making us think!

Life on Purpose looks like constant learning.
So the point was made, was it taken?
Put yourself on either side of the point.
When you are the point maker. Learn to zip it when enough said is ’nuff said.
When you are the makee, the one who needs to understand the point, don’t be thick headed or unwilling.
There is common ground when there is love.

I sat in a meeting this weekend where passions ran HIGH. It’s good to be invested and passionate about something. It’s not good when our passion is so intense we aren’t willing to give, to compromise, to see another perspective. Guilty on both counts – work in progress.


Make your point and if needed, hush.
Hush, and listen to the point.

Marvelous Mondays happen when we think about what we could do better, what we could do less of and what we could give more of. May your Monday be filled with points given, points taken, sweet silence and love.

Mindi & Irina
Life On Purpose Coaches
Health and Wellness through the prism of Christ


Mindi Huebner is Co-Founder of Pure Grace, a professional conversationalist and crazy forgiver. Mindi is scandalously obsessed with leaving people and things better than she found them. If you think LOVE is always the answer, join her as she writes about her road trips with God at Back Row Faith – The Pure Grace Blog. If you don’t think love is always the answer, join her anyway. Go.Be.Love

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