Make a change. You got this. Start now and you’ll be on your way!

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Photo taken from the book Everyday Gratitude – Inspiration for living life as a gift


Making a change we long for looks like living Life on Purpose.
What are you longing to change?
A mindset?
A relationship?
A job?
An attitude?
An unhealthy habit?

Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act and Start

What one thing, big or small, will you make happen right this second, to get you on the path of change?

You don’t need to get overwhelmed, don’t think about a million things you want to change.
Start with one. Write it down.
Why do you want to change it?
How will you feel while changing it?
What will it look like when you change it?
How will you feel after the change?
How will other people know you have made the change?
Do they need to know?

We are here to encourage, equip and empower you. You can do it!

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Mindi & Irina
Life on Purpose Coaches
Health and Wellness and a whole lotta Jesus

Mindi Huebner is Co-Founder of Pure Grace, a professional conversationalist and crazy forgiver. Mindi is scandalously obsessed with leaving people and things better than she found them. If you think LOVE is always the answer, join her as she writes about her road trips with God at Back Row Faith – The Pure Grace Blog. If you don’t think love is always the answer, join her anyway. Go.Be.Love

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