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Hey Pure Grace friends, Mindi here.

Some Hope Day hope dressed up as the Ryan Stevenson tune, Holding Nothing Back.
I first saw Ryan in concert about two or three years ago with Toby Mac and Matt Maher.
I have been a huge fan ever since. Truth be told, his song, Eye of the Storm, has helped me immensely in dealing with the death of my Aunt at the beginning of this year.
Hope can be a song, a word, a look, a scripture, a sunset.
Hope is, it breathes and lives.

Not much gives me hope like music.
I’m in the midst of some tough stuff, real life challenges. I know it will work out.
In the mean time hope sings to me and it sounds a lot like Ryan.

Life on Purpose looks like seeking hope when circumstances appear hopeless or less than hopeful.
Life on Purpose looks like holding on to the hope we have in Jesus and holding nothing back from Him.
Not our anger, not our fear, not our doubt, not nothing.

Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act and Hope and today, Sing.


Spend a little more time in HOPE…

Hope Says We Who Believe Enter His Rest

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