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Are you ready to live beyond other peoples definition of who you should be?
Are you ready to be comfortable in your own skin, to listen to your desires?
Are you ready to dare to be seen for the amazing light you are?

Okay, real talk – what’s stopping you?
What’s stopping you from having it all?
Health, wellness, purpose, passion?
It’s time to dare to transform.

Pure Grace is here to equip and empower you, to encourage and support you on every level.

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All in?
Life on Purpose Coaching gives you the tools and the clarity. Click here for a complimentary breakthrough session – get crystal clear on what you want and how to get there!

You give Life on Purpose your all when you show up, invest in yourself, and do the good hard work of living your best life body, mind and soul♥


It’s time to give yourself permission to be ready!

Mindi and Irina
Life on Purpose Coaches
Body.Mind.Soul Fitness

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Mindi Huebner is Co-Founder of Pure Grace, a work in progress and a beloved child of God. Mindi is scandalously obsessed with leaving people and things better than she found them. If you think LOVE is always the answer, join her as she writes about her road trips with God at Back Row Faith – The Pure Grace Blog. If you don’t think love is always the answer, join her anyway. Go.Be.Love

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