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Finite – having limits or bounds.
Disappointments, they come and GO. They have bounds and limits.  Life on Purpose includes crummy stuff. Real talk.

Infinite – limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
Hope, on the other hand, is never-freaking-ending, impossible to measure, can’t run out. Life on Purpose includes hope, buckets and buckets of it. This is real talk too. 
The choice is yours – will you set your mind on the ebb and flow of stuff not always going the way you want or need?
Or will you set your mind on HOPE, knowing it will sustain you through. There will always be more hope, even when you think there could not possibly be. 
May we seek the silver lining, embrace hope and roll through the disappointments.
Mindi & Irina
More hope♥ http://puregrace.us/hope-filled-waiting-every-day/

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