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Okay friends, you know what hope is – a confident, joyful expectation God is who He says He is and will do what He promises.

You also know we are major league hopers here at Pure Grace. We hope like we pray, which is like breathing.

Thriving is pretty high on the list as well – lets look at the definition. 
Thrive –  prosper; flourish, grow, develop or be successful. 

Our mission, our hearts greatest desire is to encourage and equip you to live with passion and purpose every single day – in other words to prosper, flourish, grow, develop, thrive. 

It’s in our DNA along with love and servant-hood. Irina and I do all we do, so you have the tools to thrive and hope. Podcasts, blog posts, workshops, devotionals, retreats, Facebook posts and closed groups, one on one and group coaching, you name it and you have access to encouragement, hope, guidance, real talk and more about what living a Life on Purpose looks like.

I was listening to the Are You Real podcast this morning with guest Pastor Carey Nieuwohf and he said this “…I try to live today in a way that will help me thrive tomorrow”. BOOM!


Holy Hope.  That’s what Life on Purpose is  – living today, fully present and with intention, in order to prosper, flourish, develop and grow. Knowing we are hand picked by the most high God. Surrounding ourselves with a community who loves us, protects us, encourages us, kicks us in the butt when we need it. A community of love and faith and hope and grace. Setting our minds on fitness in all its forms: spiritual, physical, financial, mental, family and friendships. 

Are you living today in a way that will help you to continue to thrive tomorrow? If yes, yay! Keep at it and we’ll keep providing what you need to grow.

If no, yay – today is the perfect day to start. Something great always happens on Hope Day. Why not decide…okay Trust Seek Pray Decide Act. There is no reason to live wishing and striving when you can be hoping and thriving.

Are you ready to rewrite your story? We’ve got the paper and the pen and the mechanical pencil – I love those!

It’s hope day friends and Irina and I are confident this message will be exactly what someone needs to hear. It is the best time to start living Life on Purpose. 

Throwing it back to the 1,2,3 and 4:

1. Hope

2. Keep Hoping

3. Thrive

4. Keep Thriving


♥Mindi and Irina
Life on Purpose Coaches
Body.Mind.Soul Fitness
Are you ready REWRITE your story?

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