Hope Day!

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Awwww Yeah.
Hope: living, breathing, joyful, confident expectation.

This is yours for the taking.
Give thanks, period.

Hope says I’m thankful in and through the storm not because of it, but because of who is holding on to me.
Hope says one more time, one more smile, one more ‘I can do this’. Hope says you deserve to have love, to get over it – whatever it is, to forgive, to be forgiven.

Hope is activated by your attitude. Be grateful, praise in all circumstances, be HOPE.

Life on Purpose is hopeful on purpose, thankful on purpose.

Our hope and prayer for you:
Know hope and the amazing transformation it brings. Know others who seek hope and activate hope and live hope daily. Be a part of a community covered in hope.
Pure Grace is and could be the perfect place for you. 
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Mindi & Irina

More hope♥

Hope Day says – Less than Hope, Nope.

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