When we are purposeful about loving others everyone’s life is better.
When we focus on what we can do and give and be to someone else we honor God.
Be determined to live a life of gratitude and worship.
I want to be a constant reminder of how amazing our God is- when we live for Him, we truly live.

What is up with this Go.Be.Love stuff?
God’s mission for you.
A life of Gratitude.
My determined purpose.

My husband & I are recent empty nesters and I’m not feeling very grateful.
At all.
Tuesday was not as good a day as it could have been.
I fell apart.
Someone else had to piece me together. Thank God I have those people in my life.
The people who sparkle and shine with God’s love like radiant diamonds. Those people who live to give.

So cry about it, right?
Tell everyone how tough it is, how sad you are.
Maybe, no, yes?

It’s a serious struggle for me because this is a FIRST world problem.
Middle-ish Class Anglo mommy misses articulate, incredibly intelligent baby girl of the family when she goes off to college…

My daughter is healthy, happy and attending school across the country. She has actual money for school, not student loans. She is staying with family. She is safe and well-fed.

And I miss her so much I can hardly breathe.
How can I mourn when so much is so good?
I’m the strong one. The faith-filled,  go-to girl for prayers and support and an ear to listen.

Life is too good to fall apart. But I am, a little. A lot.

On a phone call today a friend told me, “It’s perfectly okay to cry, even for a whole semester. You can have first world problems and still live in gratitude.”

I’m still mulling that over. I know God holds us in the palm of His hand, always. We never walk alone, ever.

For now I will get back to getting my mind off me and on to others. Crazy how when you are purposeful about being a blessing, you are blessed.

Go= action-do it
Be=own it
Love=God’s hand and feet in this world

It’s what you and I are called to do. You can live in gratitude and mourn what was. Life moves and changes constantly. Embrace it.

The Live to Give 1,2,3?
#1 Go.Be.Love
#2 It’s okay to have first world problems once in a while, just don’t dig a hole and bury yourself in them
#3 Nothing is too big for God to handle, let Him
Peace & Love,


Mindi Huebner is a business owner, professional conversationalist and crazy forgiver. Mindi is scandalously obsessed with leaving people and things better than she found them. If you think LOVE is always the answer, join her as she writes about her road trips with God at www.backrowfaith.com. If you don’t think love is always the answer, join her anyway. Go.Be.Love

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