Helllloooo Pure Grace friends!
This Fri-yay is brought to you by a fun fact or four and the behind the scene scoop.
We are under construction, well, we all are actually. You know, since we are all being built as a dwelling place for God.

But we are literally under construction here on the web site. Upgrades and improvements and yep!
Our Mission: To equip and empower Christian women to live with passion and purpose every day.
In order to do that, to serve you best, some changes are happening, transformation if you will♥

We will be conducting some vital market research with you! We’d love to spend 15 mins chatting. Why? To meet your needs, meet you where you are, in the way you need. Sounds good, right? Havin’ it your way! What’s in it for you? One on one time with us, we are pretty darn good at giving you the tools you need and helping form a plan. 

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Don’t take it from us – Here’s what Jen (37, married with 3 kids) said after attending the Financially Fit Budgeting workshop:
“Thank you for offering the budget workshop! While I already knew the importance of having a budget, it pushed us to make that change and put it into place! My kids are already understanding the importance of spending and SAVING money differently in order to have the future that we want. 😊

Fun fact #1: Irina and I are both budget bosses! We are proud graduates of Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.
It changed our finances and changed our entire lives.

Fun Fact #2: Irina read The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own and started embracing minimalism. She gave it to me and I was a total copy cat. So much so I’m trying to convince my hubby to move into a “tiny house”. I asked him the other day if he had read the book (I couldn’t remember). He said, “No, you just started throwing away my stuff!” Haha, he’s right, kind of. Truth be told he hates clutter and mess so less stuff around the house makes him very happy.

If you’ve been hanging around us at all you know we have been making a big deal about Redefining Fitness. Fitness as a mindset for your entire life! So budgeting looks like financial fitness and getting rid of stuff we don’t need or making space to breathe looks like self-care which falls under body.mind.soul fitness. Fitness as a mindset, fitness as a lifestyle. Embracing this lets you live your best life now with intention aka Life on Purpose!

Fitness Redefined looks like less fear, less stress, less stuff to deal with. It looks like more self-care, more purpose, more “get to” and less “have to”.

Fun fact #3: I drink a spinach protein shake as a mid morning snack every day. Looks gross, tastes awesome!
Did you know most of us chicks don’t get enough lean protein in our diets?

fun fact



fun fact


Fun Fact #4: I have a serious sweet tooth. I’m always looking for recipes that are healthy alternatives to the real thing. I indulge sometimes but I get to indulge more if I make healthy ingredient swaps. Win-Win.

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Welp, there you have it. A few fun facts and some behind the scenes scoop on Pure Grace.
Have you joined our community? What’s stopping you from saying yes to your best life? Saying yes to self-care? Saying yes to less stress, less worry, less garbage? We are here to help with those challenges. We coach and mentor with proven success tools. You will be equipped and empowered to start living your Life on Purpose.

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More fun fact finding about us here

Love and Peace,

Mindi & Irina


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