Hey friends! Wanted to share all the good stuff happening at Pure Grace. We’ve been posting direct to our FB and INSTA so it hasn’t shown up here on the blog. Well, here it is. Everything you may have missed or need to see again. Have a purpose filled, rest filled, adventure filled weekend. ♥ Mindi & Irina


Local workshops now!

♥Mon 8/21/17 & 8/28/17 in Delavan, WI

♥Cost: $25 – Join Pure Grace as we redefine fitness! click here to attend
♥ (2) 30 minute sessions where you will be equipped and empowered to go from fearful to fearless budgeting.

Pure Grace will provide action steps, coaching and real life scenarios to get you on the path to financial fitness.
Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act and Budget! 


Marvelous Monday:

This #MarvelousMonday must begin and end in prayer. Must be absolutely covered in prayer. We must stand united in love in Jesus name.

@rendcollective shared this quote and photo on instagram yesterday, 8/13.
“Despite the enemies worst intentions, Jesus always reclaims the darkeness as a canvas for His brightness. There is good news for every tribe and nation. And the true church will always be there to announce it in the darkness.” #charlottesville

Transformation Tuesday:

Knowledge is power!
Transformation starts with knowledge.
Body.Mind.Soul fitness looks like having the facts, making decisions based in self-care and living with purpose and passion! Weight Loss 101 – what’s actually happening…



Hope Day:

Have you hit rock bottom?
Are you looking over the edge?
Are you wishing for a drastic change?

There is HOPE.
God wants to be your refuge.

Are you moving foward on autopilot?
Existing but not really living?
Thinking something has to change?

There is HOPE.
God wants to be your refuge.

Is life pretty good?
Are you finding your purpose?
Would a small change make life a true adventure?

There is HOPE.
God wants to be your refuge.

Rock bottom, mountain top and everywhere in between – God longs to be our refuge. Our healing place, our quiet place, our place to be fully, wholly loved. 
Your hope, my hope is found in God.
Our refuge, our shelter, our true home.


Thankful Thursday:

Irina shared some new tunes:

This is my new Anthem. So powerful and uplifting! And I can dance. #thankful

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