3 simple ways to calm your body and mind.

I’m super geeked to share with you some of my favorite simple ways to calm your body and mind throughout the day in order to make space for more energy! In other words a way to focus on those calming thoughts and boost your energy naturally.

But first, why am I talking about calming your body and mind? Body, mind and soul fitness, that’s why!

We all want to have more energy right? Feeling so great that we leap out of bed with fat smiles on our faces ready to greet the day, would be pretty awesome, right? Learning how to boost that energy naturally is a win, win!

But how can we even get this energy boost without first making space for it in our bodies and minds? Good question!

Think of calming your body and mind like tilling the soil and planting the seeds before they sprout! Because that’s what you will be doing here—making space for new energy to flow!

But those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold. – Mark 4:20 ESV

Calm your mind and body and boost energy naturally! Questions? Drop them below or dm me❤#LifeonPurposeCoach#BodyMindSoulFitness

Posted by Pure Grace with Mindi and Irina on Sunday, March 10, 2019

So what are my 3 simple ways to calm your body and your mind?

This is for first thing in the morning, as soon as you open your eyes or even the moments before.

  • Take one big deep breath in and out. Thank God for the new day, the new opportunity to serve Him in all you do. Take a few minutes to be grateful – what are a few things you could thank God for before you start your day? Think of this as setting the tone for your body, mind and soul.

Let every detail in your lives – words, actions, whatever – be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way. – Colossians 3:17 MSG

We are the thinkers of our thoughts when we consistently think on gratitude it naturally becomes our way of being.

Now here is a simple two step process to use any time.
  • STEP 1: Put both your feet firmly on the ground, sit up straight with your shoulders pulled back to open your heart, close your eyes and take ten full, DEEP breaths in and out, in and out, in and out.

When you open your eyes NOTICE how different your body feels. Do you feel calmer? Clearer? More relaxed?

Okay, now that you have calmed your body, it’s time for STEP 2. Don’t worry, it’s just as simple.

You’ve heard of positive affirmations right? Well I believe they actually work! Why? Because your body is not going to do what you tell it to do unless your mind believes it first! (Or you trick your mind into believing it).

  • STEP 2: Think of a short, sweet sentence, a motivational MANTRA or a promise from God’s Word so that you can instantly boost your own energy.

Here are some ENERGIZING examples to get you started:

  • I choose to feel energized!
  • I breathe in energy and exhale stress
  • I am committed to energizing myself
  • I show up for myself everyday
  • I practice self love

Here are some promises from God’s Word to get you started:

  • I am wholly, fully loved
  • I breathe in God’s peace and exhale worry
  • I have hope as an anchor for my soul
  • My body is a temple and the Holy Spirit is within me
  • I am filled with joy and peace because I trust in God

Choose one that resonates with you or change up the words, write it on a sticky note and stick it on top of your computer or bathroom mirror. Then read it or memorize it and say it out loud to yourself several times through out the day and be ready for transformation – body, mind and soul.

How will calming my body and mind give me more energy?

Let’s think about it this way, water will not flow very well through a blocked up pipe. Similarly, your energy or life force is not going to flow very well if you’re all irritated, agitated, bunched up, stuck in your self limiting beliefs or stressed out.

So again, starting your day with gratitude helps you focus on all the good in your life. It’s laying the foundation for each day, training your brain♥

As the day progresses, we can get caught up and forget who we are being. So in STEP 1, you are learning to quiet your mind, calm your own nervous system and SAVE energy for you to use later when you really need it!

And with STEP 2, you will be amazed at the transformation over time when you say your mantra or the God’s promises from the Word, over and over again. You may even find that by the end of day one your mind will start to believe it and your body will follow! Amen – this is your chance to go all in, in faith. Faith that God will do what he says, faith that you are who He says, that you are worthy, you are complete in Him. Faith in yourself to start being the woman you are called to be and living the highest, most intentional version of your life.

Why? Because that’s the way our minds work! Our mind will believe what we tell it to believe. It really is that simple. What are you believing now? How long have you been telling yourself that? If it’s not a loving, worthy thought – tell it to take a hike. Start now, start telling yourself the truth about how amazing you are!

What do I do now?

If you’ve had enough of trying to get through your day with low energy, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about other super simple ways to boost your energy. I will help you come up with more simple ways to calm your body and mind that are just right for you so you can live each day with tons of new energy!

Today is the perfect day to start practicing self love!

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