I woke up this morning – that’s always good.
Made coffee, put the dishes away and sat down to check email.
As most of you know I have my own direct sales business…The first message was from an upcoming hostess, canceling her party.
NOT how I like to start the day. 
This could go awry quickly because I’m suffering from a slight case of P.S.M. (Poor Sorry Me).
I will do my best to stick to my original intent but I must share one more truth…
When you cancel a party with a direct sales consultant you cancel her paycheck for the evening. 
Yes, this is part of the business. No, it’s not the best part.  Deep breath.  Okay, done with that. Thanks for listening or at least sticking around to read the rest.
As I was sitting in my puddle, I read this post on Facebook from Proverbs 31 Ministries;
“We are to think about, ponder, park our minds on constructive thoughts, not destructive thoughts. Thoughts that build us up, not tear us down. Thoughts that breathe life into us, not suck life from us. Thoughts that lead to peace, not anxiety.” ~ “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst

If you’re struggling with negative thoughts and anxiety, hold tight to the truths found in Philippians 4:6-9 today.

Boy did I need to see that.
I was struggling with negative thoughts, mostly about the now ex- hostess.  I was struggling with anxiety, mostly about the lack of income for that night.
Then I saw this post from The Mind Aware:
Today’s #Mantra
My business is challenging and rewarding. #affirmationhttp://bit.ly/DWInfo1
Haha, is this a joke? Am I on Punked or something? Challenging and rewarding – Ya think?
Challenging and rewarding just like our entire lives.  We can let the negative rule or take over for a time or we can troll Facebook better yet the scriptures and know all things work together for God’s good.  We can know we are never alone.  God is with us and he places people in our lives to hold our hands and our hearts.
We can sit in our puddle or we can choose to do something positive. 
So I did. I decided to make a plan to get another booking on that day and to do something different to create new business.
Please don’t get me wrong a little puddle sitting is normal, acceptable, perfectly fine. 
However if you sit in your puddle too long, besides all the other stuff, you be all wet!
Let’s pray.
Dear God,
Ugh, I don’t like having P.S.M. I don’t like sitting in a puddle. Lift me up, fill me up.  A big part of my problem is me. Take the best of me and change the rest of me.  Thank you for the people in my life who wear rain boots and are expert puddle jumpers.  Thank you for the people in my life who know the cure for P.S.M.  Thank you for You. Amen
So what’s your non puddle staying 1,2,3 for the day?
#1 Puddles happen and P.S.M. can strike without warning
#2 There is HOPE…hunt it down ( like a chocolate bar)
 #3 God loves you – relentlessly, unfailingly and eternally. He’s got you covered.
I promise
I already feel so much better – thanks for reading this – you just cured my P.S.M.
Much love to Julie from whom I unashamedly stole the phrase “sitting in a puddle”.

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