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Mindi and Irina Spring FlingWelcome friend! We are Irina and Mindi, Co-Founders of Pure Grace. Our mission, passion and vital need is to equip and empower women like you to live purposeful lives. We come to you with a combined 35 years of teaching and speaking as well as guiding others to become more joyful, faithful, generous people and live balanced lives.

We are business partners, running buddies, and best friends, who care for each other’s families with thought and regard like they are our own, but most importantly, we are beloved children of God.

Pure Grace is Born: July 2015
For many years we attended a little church in a small town in Southeastern Wisconsin. Over the past several months, we sensed a growing need in the women of our congregation and our community, a longing for connection, direction and, well, more Jesus. Since God gifted us both with a great desire to teach, share our love for Christ and enable others to celebrate their gifts, talents and beauty, Pure Grace and our first small group study, Life on Purpose, was born.

God doesn’t want your faith in a Sunday Box.
Here at Pure Grace we are dedicated to creating a community for you to grow and flourish, to live out your faith first, not as an after thought.

You might be wondering what sets Pure Grace apart? We have carefully crafted tools and resources for you to create an environment for women to thrive, share and be empowered; never forgetting how unique, beautiful and different each of you are.

Trust.Seek.Pray.Decide.Act in whatever you do and purpose will follow!

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