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Transformation happens moment by moment.
Pure Grace is in the transformation biz.
Equipping and empower you to be you to be the most amazing version of you.
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Hope Day 6.29.16

#HopeDay baby!
Hope is transformational.
Hope is abundant.
Hope is waiting to be your bff.

We will be starting a Hope day transformation series on PureGrace.us
Check in every Wednesday for the latest.

Hope is able change us for the better. Transformation is us only better.

and HOPE ❤



Hey friends! This is you. Delivered. Carried. By the one and only God.
Talk about hope!
Delivered from _________. You tell me. What are you delivered by God from? What do you need to let Him deliver you from?

Carried, in His arms like a child. Carried swiftly away.
Carried to and carried from_______. What? How has God carried you in your moment of ______?
What have you allowed Him to carry you to and through?


Be delivered, let Him carry you❤

PureGrace.us is your #HopeDay connection.
@therealmattmaher sings the hope day soundtrack💜




This little succulent makes me happy.
It’s the little things right? And in the end those are the big things.
This is a brand new day to enjoy the little things.

Enjoy the sunrise, the smell of coffee brewing, the sound of your kids waking up… What will you add to the list?
This morning I enjoyed the sound of birds serenading me as I sipped coffee and wrote in my prayer journal.
I enjoyed a wonderful stretch after my sweaty, windy run.

Pure Grace knows how to seek, find and get crazy about the little stuff. We’d love to show you.
Retreats, workshops and coming soon: personalized group get-togethers.


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