Hello Friends!
It has been a hot minute or two since Irina and I checked in with you.
Pure Grace has been on sabbatical this summer, yes I know summer is over, and we just finished up a bible study together.
We wanted to take time to go deep and refresh our souls these past few months. We have still been praying for you and over you. Our mission has not wavered.
Irina and her family had many adventures this summer and the boys are getting so big they keep their parents and their Tyetya ( that’s me) hopping. Soccer, BMX, Martial Arts, Awana, life is full and full of purpose!
I spent the summer LOVING the summer and talking the best walks around the lake, reconnecting with old friends and strengthening new bonds and doing so much inner work, it was amazing.
I took the time to really focusing on my new private coaching business and I am loving all the success my clients are having.
Life on Purpose in every area: Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances and Friendships.
Irina and I are teachers and mentors in our soul so taking my gift to the next place God showed me was a non negotiable.
I don’t want to leave you out of what I’m doing either in case you want to know just to know or even better, if I can support you in another way.
So I’d love for you to hop on my webinar tonight  ( and if you are reading this after 10.10.19 no worries, there will be a replay. Just be sure to register anyway)
Helping women feel amazing body, mind and soul starts with energy – enough energy to make the best choices, decisions, take the best actions and create the best results!

Please don’t think – “Sure Mindi, It would be nice to have more energy or it would be nice to lose some weight or have less stress or…”

STOP (in the name of love) – It’s not just nice, it’s not a new dress or a new pair of shoes.

It’s more than nice. It’s waaaayyy more than nice.

It gets to be a non-negotiable if you choose.
Everything is choice, everything.
Do me and you a favor – read this↓

I see you. I hear you.
If I could just lose the weight then…

What if you could Marie Kondo those extra pounds?
De-clutter the weight and the unhealthy habits that keep it there?
What if you had the love and support you needed to simply let go of what’s not serving you?

If I just had the energy then….
What if you could Marie Kondo those energy stealers?
De-clutter the stress and the unhealthy habits that keep you exhausted?
What if you had the love and support you needed to simply let go of what’s not serving you?

What if you don’t even have to ask “what if”?

What if – is right now.
Supporting you is why I am here.

So save the date – Thursday October 10th @7:30 pm

I’m hosting a FREE webinar –  where I’ll show you how to shake those unhealthy habits that are keeping you from living your best life.
REGISTER TODAY <<<<< click to grab your spot


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