Are you sitting in a puddle?

I woke up this morning – that’s always good.Made coffee, put the dishes away and sat down to check email.As most of you know I have my own direct sales business…The first message was from an upcoming hostess, canceling her party.NOT how I like to start the day. ...

Just Do It – Part 2

I recently had the privilege of meeting, in person, Jeff and Kelly Parker, parents of Blake Parker.  And the honor of being able to help raise funds in celebration of Blake Parker’s life, second chance at life to be accurate. Blake received a heart transplant...

“Danger Will Robinson, danger!”

We cannot get or find our worth in anyone or anything except Jesus.  Jobs will be lost or end or change. Cars will rust, stuff breaks. Boyfriends/girlfriends will break-up. Spouses will leave or die.  People will most definitely disappoint.  If our...

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