The Hokey Pokey and HOPE

Out with the old and in with the new – mostly – kindaWell out with too much junk food, again.Out with unforgiveness, again.Out with procrastination, again.Out with the f- bomb, again and again.Hmmm – I’m seeing a pattern and it is not one to my liking.In with better...

Burned Biscuits – Sounds like me!

I received this amazing story in an email today from a cherished friend.The author is unknown – the message is timeless. When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. And I remember one night in particular when she had...

Are you serious Clark?

Recently someone, whom I have the utmost admiration and respect for, told me I was serious- actually they said “You are much more serious than I am”. It poked me in a I’m not so sure I want to hear this place. You know that place – right? According...

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